Take complete control of your air conditioner from your smartphone


With the AirControl you can always see what the real-time temperature is at home and easily change any setting on your AC



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Full Control in real time


No matter where you are in the office or supermarket, the AirControl gives you the power to control and check your home air conditioner from an app.


* Like infrared remote controls, the AirControl requires a direct line of sight to control the air conditioning. We recommend installing a distance less than 5m from the AC unit.

Full Control in real time

Temperature and humidity

Program timers

Save energy and money


Temperature and humidity



The AirControl measures the temperature and humidity in your room.  Program the AirControl to the desired temperature.

With the AirControl you always have the perfect temperature in your home. The air conditioning is constantly adapting and maintaining the desired temperature.


Save energy and money!



Program timers


You can also set timers for the AC to turn on and off. The auto-sleep mode helps to keep a constant temperature throughout the night.

Download and install the application. Check and control your home air conditioner from the app.

The AirControl device will communicate with your AC via infrared.

You can control the air conditioning from anywhere, as if you were at home using the remote control!

Easy Installation


Install AirControl is very easy, just plug the device into a socket close to your AC unit.


Download Efergy AirControl  application and follow the steps on the screen to link the remote control with the application.

Download and install the

"Efergy AirControl" app

Plug in the AirControl and the screen should flash red

Follow the steps on screen to link the AC remote with the app

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